One-Year Master's Program in Contemporary Philosophy

Master 2 parcours anglophone Contemporary Philosophy


Lille is a vibrant European city, situated halfway between London, Paris, and Brussels. The philosophy department in Lille is one of the most important in France. It is well known for its international, pluralistic tradition, spanning both continental and analytic traditions, and for its collegial atmosphere.

Students will take part in research seminars focusing on most aspects of contemporary philosophy, including "Meaning and Knowledge", "French Philosophy", "Ethics and Political Philosophy", "Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind". They will also write a master thesis with a personal supervisor. Students who do not speak French will have to attend a French Language course as well.

The Master program is embedded in a lively postgraduate community and feeds into a successful PhD program. Postgraduate students in Lille regularly present their work at joint research seminars (SDD) involving Belgian Universtities (Brussels (FUSL et ULB), Liège (ULg), Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL), Namur (UNamur)) and they have organized numerous study groups. They can also interact with psychologists and cognitive scientists of Lille's SCALab .

Lille est une ville d'Europe attrayante, située au centre du triangle Londres, Paris, Bruxelles.
Le département de philosophie y est l'un des plus importants en France. Il est bien connu pour sa tradition internationale et pluraliste, couvrant à la fois les philosophies continentales et analytiques, ainsi que pour son atmosphère collégiale.

Les étudiants anglophones ou francophones avec niveau attesté en anglais (B2, voir ci-dessous) prendront part à des séminaires de recherche mettant l'accent sur la plupart des aspects de la philosophie contemporaine autour des questions de signification et de connaissance, de philosophie française, d'éthique et de philosophie politique, autour des rapports entre phénoménologie et philosophie de l'esprit, autour des questions d'esthétique et de métaphysique. Ils auront également à écrire un mémoire de Master sous la supervision d'un directeur. Les étudiants non-francophones devront également assister à un cours en langue française.

Le programme de Master permet de poursuivre la recherche en troisième cycle au sein du laboratoire STL (cf. le site du laboratoire Savoirs, textes, langage et le blog Actualités STL), avec l'appui de l'Ecole doctorale. Les étudiants en thèse de doctorat présentent régulièrement leurs travaux au sein du séminaire de recherche conjointe impliquant des universités belges (à Bruxelles, la FUSL et l'ULB, à Liège l'ULg, à Louvain-la-Neuve, l'UCL, à Namur l'UNamur) et ils organisent de nombreux groupes d'étude. Ils peuvent également interagir avec les psychologues et les chercheurs en sciences cognitives du laboratoire de psychologie SCALab de Lille

Futher details

All the coursework will be done in English and the research papers and master thesis may be written in English or in French.

Academic prerequisites
Normally, students will be expected to hold a BA in Philosophy and to have completed the first year of a MA program (60 ECTS). Students who do not have a major in Philosophy or have validated fewer than 60 ECTS in a MA program may be accepted on condition that they take a certain number of supplementary courses (in French) in our BA and MA programs.

Language prerequisites
Students should have a B2-level language proficiency in English.

(Two semesters, 60 ECTS)

First Semester




Courses offered in each UE

 UE 1   3  1

 Language course (24h)

French as a foreign language (DEFI) ;

Anglais de communication (pour les francophones)

 UE 2   6  6  1st seminar (24h)

 Meaning and knowledge

 UE 3 
 6  6  2nd seminar(24h)

 Contemporary French Philosophy

 UE 4 
 6  6  3rd seminar (24h)

The Philosophical Tradition Today

 UE 5 
 9  4

 Dissertation progress report



Second Semester

 UE   ECTS   COEF   

Courses offered in each UE

 UE 1
3  1

Language course (24h)

French as a foreign language (DEFI) ;

Anglais de communication (pour les francophones)

 UE 2
 6  6

4th seminar

Ethics and politicalphilosophy

 UE 3
 6  6

5th seminar

Phenomenology and philosophy of mind

 UE 4
 3  1

Reserach Experience

 Participation in research seminars

 UE 5
 12  12

Dissertation and its defence


(1) Students will be allowed to substitute ONE of the 5 seminars in English with one seminar in French of the Master de Recherche en Philosophie (either during the first or during the second semester)

Costs and financial support

The University of Lille tuition fees are 261€, for EU students and 3 770 € non-EU students. There are in addition Social Security costs of 90 €. Accommodation in students' residences near the campus is available for around 250 € / month.

Students are expected to cover their own living costs. The University of Lille cannot provide scholarships for Master students. However, the network of French embassies, consulates and cultural centers does offer scholarships for studies in France (you have to check whether you are eligible and to apply as early as possible).


To apply, please send ALL the following documents before Midnight (GMT), May 20, 2019 to: contemporary.philosophy[ at ]

- A copy of your BA diploma and of all your higher degrees
- A copy of your BA grade sheet and all later grade sheets
- A certificate of a B2 level in English (for non-native speakers only)
- A CV detailing your education (including the list of courses that you have taken as an undergraduate), language aptitudes, possible publications, your postal and email addresses, etc.
- A thesis project in english (between 500 and 1000 words + bibliography). The project can pertain to any field of contemporary philosophy and should be manageable in one academic year.

All documents should be sent at the same time (attached to one or several emails).
All documents should be PDF files. Please give them the following titles:

- YournameCV.pdf
- YournameDegrees.pdf (if you can't put all degrees in one file, then number the files: Yourname-Degree1.pdf, etc.)
- YournameGrades.pdf
- YournameProject.pdf
- YournameEnglish.pdf


Additionally students from the following countries must apply on the Campus France website before June 15, 2019.

Algeria Argentina Benin Brazil Burkina Faso Cameroon
Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo (Brazzaville) Cote d'Ivoire
Egypt Gabon Guinea India Indonesia Iran
Japan Lebanon Madagascar Mali Marocco Mauritania
Mauritius Mexico Peru Senegal Russia South Korea
Taiwan Togo Tunisia Turkey USA Vietnam

You will receive an answer to your application no later than June 15, 2019.



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